About us

In 1983, "Wood processing and gives value 'principle by road to Yıldız Sanat Evi Furniture and Decoration, for the last 37-year period in the world and the progress and growth of the furniture and decoration sector in Turkey is mainly aimed.

If we name the works we have done, door, stairs, handrail, dressing cabinets, bathroom cabinets, dining room sets, bedroom sets, young room sets, nightstand, dresser, jozefin, pouf, sofa, sofa, sofa, coffee table, dresser, mirror frame, nail, In these works, we serve with our existing team in classic or modern style. We have a polisher in our workplace and we provide services such as normal polish, patina, lacquer, glossy lacquer, matte lacquer, gold leaf, silver leaf.


- To provide quality products that constantly generate new value for our customers, employees and society
Reliable and constantly developing,

-To be able to use resources efficiently.
-To be an institution that develops talents in a good working environment, encourages participation and teamwork, values ​​
its employees, establishes permanent and long-term business relationships with our customers based on trust, not short-term.


As Yıldız Sanat Evi Furniture and Decoration, we have adopted the principle of keeping customer satisfaction in the forefront in all the works we do.



Nejat Sok. 3a/1 Fatih Bulvarı Sultanbeyli / İstanbul

+90 532 354 55 74 - +90 534 572 72 42